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So I'm taking a walk this morning. I walk down the street, all around, the usual... and when I'm finished and approaching the house again, I see, from a distance, something black on the strip of lawn between the sidewalk and the curb. Banana peels, I think. Gross. Two of them, maybe, from somebody's trash -- or somebody walked or drove along and tossed their garbage onto my lawn. (I live on a high-traffic bus route, ambulance route, firehouse route, so people are always tossing trash.)

I go over to kick the banana peels into the street for the streetcleaner machine -- and guess what? It's not banana peels. It's somebody's hair! Some nasty hairpiece, just sitting there, all gross and covered with somebody else's scalp cooties, right on my lawn!

Somewhere, somebody's missing their extensions.

Oh, noes!

May. 29th, 2009 10:11 am
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It just hit me that when I mailed out all my bills last Thursday, I didn't include the extra 2-cent stamp. And that included my mortgage payment.

Oh, noes!

Nothing I can do about it, I suppose. And nothing's come back yet for insufficient postage, so hopefully they all got where they were meant to go.
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There's a tiny bug crawing on my computer monitor. The freaky thing is that it's behind the glass.

At first I thought it was an ad. When I switched screens, it was still there. I tried to finger it away and realized.

Wow. It's like a moving period that I can't get to. He must feel like Tron.

Run away, bug, before you cook there!


May. 1st, 2009 02:12 pm
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If anyone's interested, I'm ljdaly on Dreamwidth.

I didn't have any problem with orogeny, but a few people said they couldn't pronounce it. I'd rather not be or-blah-blah to anyone. (Orogeny was a stopgap anyway, when I switched ISPs and my old ID wasn't available.)


May. 1st, 2009 11:02 am
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I'm so bad at new things!


Apr. 27th, 2009 07:24 am
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Guess what?

Flowers! Honest to god! That actually was faster than I expected. I wonder how many of them will grow?

Wow! Flowers! Or, actually, little green horns poking up out of the dirt. Little tiny fingers. Er... maybe it's not flowers. Maybe it's zombies. With horns. Zombie goats. Evil devil zombie goats.

In other news... if a person with a concrete thumb had these azaleas, and she wanted to fertilize them with coffee grounds... just how would she go about doing that? Say, if she already tried mixing them with a little water and ended up with coffee-glop-covered azaleas?  (Such, I assume, are the practical things that people who grew up around dirt probably know instinctively, whereas those of us who grew up around chain link and broken glass have nary a clue.)
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I have to give a presentation in July as part of my final requirements for my master's. One of the books I'm excerpting is Iain Pears: An Instance of the Fingerpost.

My question is... what's the correct pronunciation of "Iain Pears"? My mental reflexes have been using "Ian Pierce." But is it Ian, Ee-ane, something else? And is it Pierce or Peers or Pares or something else? Does anybody know?

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I planted some bulbs this morning. Honestly, despite my checking every fifteen, twenty minutes, they haven't started growing yet. It's been four whole hours! I think they're defective.

In other news, I saw a freaky looking bird in my backyard. Really, really freaky. Black and white striped, with red slashes on its head like an airbrushed VW van. Plus, it was tiny. Sparrow sized. As best as I can tell, after blowing the dust off my bird book and looking through it, it was a baby red-cockaded woodpecker. What the heck are you doing here in graffiti-land, baby red-cockaded woodpecker? Where's your mommy? You need to find some actual woods to be in.

Edited to add: Bingo! It's a yellow-bellied sapsucker. I kid you not. An actual yellow-bellied sapsucker. Who knew?

Note: Four and a half hours, and still no flowers! (Yes, I'm joking. I know they won't bloom until tomorrow.) (Yes, that was joking, too.)
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So, I have a facebook page out of obligation. I rarely... er... never go there. But I was toying around today, and went to add someone to my flist... er... to create my flist, and at the end when I had to type in words to prove that I'm a human, the words I got were...

erectile Deaths

Wow! Male friends of mine, avoid facebook today! Avoid it, I say! (Also, straight female friends might want to take a few steps back.)
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My submissions have been out forever (for values of forever relative to average return times for the markets; not like... oh... a year, and not like an actual forever forever).

It's driving me nuts. I might have to break down and query everything. Not that it's more than a handful of stories. Still, it feels like all the lightning must be striking at once. And by "lightning," I mean lost-in-the-mail, rejection-lost-in-the-mail, etc, as opposed to "oh my god, all of them were bought!"

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Pirates. Pirates.

If it weren't so serious, it would be mind-boggling. It all feels so anachronistic. A hundred years from now, we're going to look so... so... primitive and lawless. I feel so very lithographed.

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Night rain glistening
On twigs? Pine needles? Worms?
Soft squish enlightens.
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I didn't watch much TV after about 1982, and I've been slowly catching up with the 90s and 00s on Netflix. At this point, I've seen Buffy, Angel, and the Sopranos. I've also gotten current with House, BSG (for what that's worth, now that it's finished), CSI, and Criminal Minds. I don't like any of the CSIs except for the main one, and I couldn't stomach NCIS at all. I tried Firefly and couldn't get into it. Oh, and I've seen Dexter, the Tudors, Big Love, and True Blood, as far as cable goes.

I've got the first discs for Supernatural and Bad Girls in my queue to try, although I don't really know anything about either of them.

Got any TV series recommendations from the 90s or later? Anything really good that I should check out? (Anything that ran five or more seasons is a bonus.)
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So, I'm driving along this morning, whistling, bopping my head to some nice orchestral orc music, when... boom! Two blocks from my house, tucked up next to an SUV, cozy as can be... my runaway trashcan!

Wind, you say? Well, it's windy today, but yesterday around trash time it was just raining. And all the other trashcans stayed right where they were, a long line of squat little soldiers at the curb in both directions.

Wind? A hit-and-drag? Schoolkids? Passive-aggressive trashmen? No. I think an interdimensional portal is much more likely. Much more likely.

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The trash guys took my trashcan!

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With vastly appreciated help from [livejournal.com profile] avocadovpx , I'm continuing to work on learning how to garden. It's been... a year and a half?

Boring garden status update... )

But I do wish I didn't have to spend a half hour in the back looking for dog crap before I could work out there. It seems rather... sacrilegious. The garden should be about nourishing and communing with the earth, not mincing through a rottweiler's toilet. (Not to mention the neighborhood trash that seems to blow through and collect, on its own.)

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Boboli bread shell, mixture of goat cheese, Monterey jack, and mild cheddar, black olives, diced Habanero peppers, sundried tomatoes, pine nuts.... 450-degree oven for ten minutes... bliss! Hot, though. But I like that. It's why I use Habaneros.

See, this is how I handle the bitterness of forthcoming rejection! This, and a canoli. And some Pringles.
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For some reason, the internet of late has simply stopped providing enough entertainment to me.

Dance, internet! Dance! I grow listless!

Is the internet still entertaining? Maybe all the funness has gone to a new place, and I'm not there. That happens to me all the time! I'm sure I'll stumble onto it in, oh, 2014.
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Something you might consider starting now, to keep yourself from ripping your hair out in giant bleeding chunks in your graduation semester.

Keep a running bibliography, in MLA style, of every book, chapter, poem, excerpt you read -- both for the semester work, and in preparation for the residencies. Yes... for the residencies.

Key words: in MLA style.

Your future you will thank you.

Hairless and Scabby in Philadelphia

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Holy crap!



STFU! No, srsly. Syfy?

I'm so bummed! I was born in the wrong gender, and so am unable to appreciate and enjoy "the imagination space."

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