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Home! Home! I'm home!

That was one hairy ride. Getting out of Maine was difficult. Actually, getting up the hill out of the hotel was difficult. I was slip-sliding all over the place. It's not all the snow, per se; it's that my lightweight little car can't get any traction, so driving in snow is pretty close to just floating randomly all over the place until I run up against something heavier. Very scary! But south of Maine, the snow gradually became less of a problem. Then it was just the typical I-95 antics. For eight hours.

The semester and the residency were great. I finished my third-semester nonfiction thesis, I had two workshops with Jim Kelly (Kelly Link didn't make it up this time), and I read a lot of terrific fiction, including a good bit of fun speculative stuff. I learned a lot. I went to the usual bunch of amazing classes, and listened to the usual terrific readings. I ate a lot and slept not nearly enough, and made new friends and was sad to see old friends graduate. 

My fourth semester will be with Jim again. My creative thesis will be a collection (two novelettes and three short stories), and I'll be doing a presentation on exposition in July (entitled "As You Know, Bob..."). Hopefully, I'll also crank out another half dozen stories (I try to maintain a regular writing and submission schedule in addition to what I'm doing for the master's program. Which is why my posting has gone down the tubes lately.)

It's been a terrific experience, and I'm glad to have met the people I've met, but I'm so ready to be done!

For all my Stonecoast buddies, I hope your travel home was safe and smooth.

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I'm floating in a disorganized limbo. (I hate this part.) I need to set some goals, even if they're soft goals.

Goal 1: Better
Week of 7/24: Revise.
By 7/24: Post onto OWW.
Week of 8/7: Revise (probably somewhat heavily)
Week of 8/14: Final tweaks.
8/18: Submit for the slush-bombing.

Goal 2: 07 (Stone)
Tuesday 7/25: Phone off the hook. No paying work. Read the entire ms cover to cover and start breaking down into scene cards. If possible, /finish/ breaking down into scene cards. Make revision notes. I suspect the rest of the process will suggest itself at that point, once I see how horrible everything is.
Wednesday 8/2: Email revised synopsis to VP (*insert mild terror here*)
Beginning Thursday 8/3: Try to revise about one scene every two days. (I'd like every day, but I don't think that will be possible.) I'm not really sure how many scenes there are. I'll guesstimate 60. And blah, VP is right in the middle there.
By 10/5: Have two-thirds of the scenes rewritten.
10/5-10/16ish: VP
Post VP: Depends on how thoroughly the thing gets trashed. Worst case: Entire three-month rewrite, ending end of January, then February and March for revisions, with a goal of sending it out April 1, 2007. Best case: The synopsis is structurally sound. Finish rewriting by 12/1, then December and January for revisions, with a goal of sending it out February 1, 2007. I think I'll stick to April, given that it's my writerly anniversary.
4/1: Start sending out 07.

Goal 3: 08
7/31: Five characters, three locations/cultures worked up
9/1: Book entirely outlined. Soft goal for d01: 150K words, 75 2000-word scenes. That's 200 days, roughly. Call it 7 months. I'll try for 5-6, though. And this is aiming for a cleaner d01. Less filler. It will probably be finished in 120K, or less.
4/1/07: d01 finished
5/1/07: Read through ms, make scene cards and revision list.
5/14-8/14: Rewrite.
8/14-11/14: Revise, workshop, revise.
12/07: Polish.
1/2/08: Start sending out 08.

OK. I feel better now. ^_^ Sort of like the end of the Timbuk 3 song: "My headache's gone."

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