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With vastly appreciated help from [livejournal.com profile] avocadovpx , I'm continuing to work on learning how to garden. It's been... a year and a half?

I got some forsythia planted at the back of the yard, but half of them have died. (I think it was because I had to leave them unwatered during a July residency, when they were new and young and the area was in a heatwave and drought. This gardening thing is so... trial and error. Mostly error, in my case.) I've moved some irises from the front to the back. This year I'm planning to plant some cannas down the side of the shed. I might try to replace the dead forsythia, too--although I might put that off until next year.

I got the shed spackled (that took a whole summer), and this summer I'm going to paint it. I'd also like to plant a dogwood sapling back there, but I'll see how things go.

I've made graph-paper maps of the yard and the various plots, and done research about what might go where. I got a little cart last summer, to help me wheel things around. I've bought tools as I've needed them. (And I've completely lost a three-foot pruning saw, which is still bugging me. It vanished!)

Yesterday, I actually put on the gloves and went out to weed one of the flower beds in the front of the house. It hasn't been touched in... oh... all the five years I've lived here, and considering that the people who lived here before weren't gardeners, probably for ten years before that. In fact, now that I'm thinking about it, that little plot of dirt was full of poison ivy when I moved in. I completely blocked out my Summer of Blistered Horror!

Anyway... I grew up in concrete, and I've lived my entire adult life in concrete, and this is my first real attempt at dirt. I realized yesterday just how slow it is. Pulling out all these dead leaves... and trash... and old weed corpses... I kind of enjoyed it, but wow, it's a challenge to my apparent ADD. Pick, peek, move things aside, pick, peek, dig. I have to sloooow down. Which is nice, really. But hard for me to do. I don't have time. Part of this exercise is to teach myself how to make time.

But I do wish I didn't have to spend a half hour in the back looking for dog crap before I could work out there. It seems rather... sacrilegious. The garden should be about nourishing and communing with the earth, not mincing through a rottweiler's toilet. (Not to mention the neighborhood trash that seems to blow through and collect, on its own.)

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